Where Human Resource Software is Headed in the Future

Sarath Pendyala, Head of Content Marketing, SutiSoft

Sarath Pendyala, Head of Content Marketing, SutiSoft

Human resource software or online HR software is one of the business productivity software applications that have seen an increased adoption over the years. According to some internal estimates, after CRM software, HR software is the solution that many organizations are looking to deploy. Therefore, it is interesting to note where the software is going and how it is evolving to cope with the needs of businesses worldwide. So let's see where HRM software is headed in the future:

Figure out mobility

As with other business software applications, vendors are offering mobile applications to go with the desktop versions. However, how useful these mobile applications are is the more important question. Are these mere fancies or do they really help in managing the workforce? So far, one of the prime applications of the HR mobile applications that vendors offer comes in time and attendance management.

However, this is not to suggest that mobile applications are not of help. The speed with which we can complete tasks through mobile devices and the convenience they bring in are very helpful. In the coming years, both vendors and businesses will be able to figure out mobility and how can it have the maximum impact.

"Many organizations started doing away with traditional process and are trying to innovate the process for maximum impact."

Performance evaluation in real-time

Though performance evaluation is an important component of HRM, it is done as an also-ran exercise in many organizations. The process is done so that everyone is happy that performance is being measured but sadly, all too often, every stakeholder recognizes the futility of the exercise. Further, the old way of sending appraisal forms, collecting responses, measuring performance, and offering feedback will simply not work in the future. In fact, many organizations already started doing away with the traditional process and are trying to innovate the process for maximum impact.

HR solutions of the future will become so adept at capturing performance metrics in real-time that performance evaluation can be carried out in real-time and feedback offered immediately. This way, the process becomes really useful and more meaningful.


Routine administrative tasks are boring, right? What if there was a way to make these boring tasks fun and allow the participants some relief in completing their mandatory tasks? This is where gamification comes in.

Using gamification techniques, HRM tasks could be made smart and fun. There could be a game to see who completes processing the maximum number of requisitions. Sourcing and screening resumes could also be made into a game. All in all, these gamification techniques really help stakeholders complete their tasks faster.

Improved recruiting

Technology and internet have a huge impact on the way we carry out many tasks, and recruitment is no different. From sourcing resumes through the internet to keeping track of the entire recruitment process using an applicant tracking system, recruitment has been made easier for managers and HR professionals to handle. Also, these tools have helped improve communication and collaboration between the candidates and the organization, which is that much better for the process.

However, advancements in software mean that this doesn't stop here. Job portals can be integrated with the software, communication automatically triggered, and so on to make recruitment a breeze for all the stakeholders.

Apart from the above, HR software providers are coming up with many enhancements to the solution to make it more useful and HRM efficient.

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