Elements Global Services: Broadening Business Horizons

Rick Hammell, CEO, Elements Global ServicesRick Hammell, CEO
Expanding a business overseas with an eye on enhancing the customer base and profits oftentimes proves to be a daunting endeavor. For instance, it takes approximately 18 long months for a forgien company to set up their entity in China. For those companies that already have a client in the specific country, it becomes all the more important for them to get it running quickly. However, the obstacles they have to surmount include cultural and communication differences, local laws and regulations, tax implications, a compliant payroll, and so forth. In such situations, organizations need a partner who can act as an employee of record (EOR) and help them quickly and efficiently onboard employees while adhering to local employment laws and regulations.

As a trusted partner, Elements Global Services (EGS) acts as a direct Employer of Record (EOR) giving companies a platform to EXPAND, ONBOARD, MANAGE and PAY employees worldwide. EGS helps companies across 135+ countries to rapidly onboard employees in less than two weeks while serving a cost-effective alternative to opening a new entity. “As a global EOR partner, our ultimate aim is to help clients step into international markets, with a guided proven method to expand quickly, reduce cost, navigate the different nuances of going global while ensuring that the business complies with local employment laws,” says Rick Hammell, CEO of Elements Global.

EGS partners with an array of companies including payroll service providers, law firms, private equities, HR organizations, and more in an endeavor to help their clients expand globally, simplify the complexities involved in running payroll, HR, compliance services and everything in between.
“For companies that are planning to establish their entity from scratch, EGS as an EOR partner takes on all the legal responsibilities involved in employing staff in the targeted country,” explains Hammell. With their Employer of Record (EOR) service solutions, companies can hire employees quickly without having to set up legal entities abroad and efficiently deal with related HR, benefits, payroll, tax, and accounting issues.

As a global employer of record, our ultimate aim is to help clients step into international markets, quickly expand, onboard, manage, and pay employees across the globe

For those companies that already have entities in the targeted country, EGS offers an administrative-services-only contract that is custom-made for the specific area of operation, streamlining the ability for companies to have one partner for their global requirements. “Unlike other EOR providers, we do not outsource to third or fourth country partners. As a direct employer of record, we assume the risk, which is why it is important to partner with our clients on strategic initiatives and dedicate ourselves to streamlining the processes and simplifying procedures related to global human resource management,” says Hammell. EGS also provides global HR consulting and legal services that allow customers to carry out the seamless execution of HR and compliance, benefitting strategies locally and globally.

EGS has a proven track record of fostering their customer’s global expansion plans by providing agile business solutions and innovative tools, leading to a 97 percent client retention rate. EGS is on a mission to simplify human resources management and employer compliance. Along the path of expansion, EGS plans to extend their branches across the world to support global client channel partner programs. With the aim to revolutionize the HR industry, EGS continues to focus on ways to enhance the client and work site employee experiences when working with an EOR Partner.