Kronos: Innovations to Inspire Workforce

Aron J. Ain, CEO, KronosAron J. Ain, CEO Mark S. Ain believes great businesses are powered by great people— time being a crucial element in employee management. For Mark, an MIT graduate, this tenet steered an entrepreneurial journey that lead to the inception of Kronos in 1977. The company’s first product—a microprocessor-based time clock released in 1979—marked a milestone in the HR industry. It automatically recorded, totaled, and reported employee hours—spearheading the transformation of HR industry. Today, Kronos has grown into a $1.1 billion global workforce management company operating across more than 100 countries led by Mark and his brother Aron Ain. Based out of Chelmsford, MA, Kronos has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way organizations manage their workforce with a new generation of products and services that include industry-leading cloud, analytics, and mobile technologies which are custom-designed to increase productivity, manage compliance risk, and drive employee engagement. The company develops “people-first” based technology and counts on customer feedback to keep the wheel of innovation rolling. “Kronos is leading the industry’s paradigm shift from an on-premise, software licensing model to a cloud world where SaaS drives productivity, faster time to value, and unparalleled efficiencies,” extols Aron, CEO, Kronos.

"We would not be the $1.1 billion leader that we are today without the innovative, intelligent, and compassionate Kronites who take care of each other and our customers"

Kronos serves several businesses worldwide with its innovative workforce-dedicated offerings. Their esteemed clientele includes MGM Resorts, a colossal employer on the Vegas Strip, engaging a workforce of over 62,000 employees. MGM was perturbed by the lack of a workforce management solution that could not only resolve their complex scheduling and payroll needs, but also provide valuable insights into operations and compliance. The organization was on a lookout for a solution that could ideally deliver real-time employee data and automate complex payroll requirements. Kronos saved the day by providing MGM with the most appropriate tools to administer their complex workforce, besides improving scheduling, payroll, and compliance. “Getting visibility into the workforce is probably the most powerful thing that we can get with Kronos,” remarks Diane Gonzales, VP of Finance Shared Services, MGM Resorts. “The 24/7 access, that managers have to employee data really gives them the greatest opportunity to make sure they have the right people, doing the right job, at the right time.”

Kronos is leading the industry’s paradigm shift from an on-premise, software licensing model to a cloud world where SaaS drives productivity, faster time to value, and unparalleled efficiencies

By leveraging Kronos’ workforce offerings, MGM was able to derive significant insight into its workforce and business operations.

Imagining Centralized Workforce

Kronos specializes in fabricating scalable solutions to meet the most taxing issues engulfing the workforce management landscape. The Workforce Central Suite comprise one of the company’s primary offerings in the workforce management domain, assisting businesses to drive better outcomes by effectively engaging the employees, controlling labor costs, and proliferating productivity. It provides a proven cloud platform, which ensures security and scalability. The suite includes a host of centralized and automated tools that streamlines clients’ need for scheduling, tracking time and attendance, administering absence and leaves, and measuring productivity. It integrates functionalities that allow managers to stay connected and address workforce management issues using a mobile device or a tablet. Additionally, the suite makes scheduling easy by using predictive algorithms to forecast the number and type of employees for an anticipated demand.

Through Workforce Ready platform, Kronos strives at integrating Human Capital Management (HCM) into the workforce planning strategy. This allows companies to manage the entire employee lifecycle, from pre-hiring to retiring on a single cloud platform. The use of cloud-based delivery helps in eliminating hassles pertaining to installation and maintenance, allowing the IT staff to focus on the core revenue-generating initiatives. The platform is comprised of services similar to the Workforce Central Suite, with an integrated online marketplace to facilitate the purchase of complementary third-party products and services right from the Kronos Workforce Ready user interface. The solution delivers end-to-end employee lifecycle management in a natively developed, single-source cloud platform. This approach helps ensure that customers hire, develop, manage, and retain a high-performance workforce while driving employee engagement.

Further, the firm also delivers specialty products like Workforce TeleStaff for manufacturing, public safety, and utilities. Kronos’ staffing solution helps organizations in scheduling the right employees at the right time to improve productivity, reduce costs, and streamline operations.
Transforming the Workforce Game

Kronos’ WFM offerings are not restricted to a particular industry, which speaks of the modularity and compatibility of their solution portfolio. The firm provides purpose-built solutions for industries such as education, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail and hospitality. Over the past 40 years, the firm has leveraged their extensive experience to help organizations create an engaged workforce for better business results—regardless of their location or industry. By empowering healthcare providers to deliver cost-effective quality care and helping manufacturers control labor costs, the firm is truly transforming the traditional workforce game.

By delivering implementation, support, and advisory services across different sectors, Kronos meets the expectations of its clientele to provide smart value in an agile and swift manner. The firm assists in accelerating the value of their clientele’s investment by delivering smarter and value-based services. Kronos’ expertise and time-proven processes get an organization up and running fast, with a solution that is easily deployed and managed in the cloud. Across thousands of efficient implementations, the firm refines an organization’s process to ensure accelerated success. These services assist the leveraging organization to access the full value of Kronos’ solution which in-turn provides strategic input and technical expertise to help maximize ROI.

The Value Proposition

Businesses reap direct benefits of incorporating the services of Kronos as they are tailor-made for specific industries. Kronos essentially drives its effort toward emulating individual employee needs with the business goals of the employer. The chief competence lies in recruiting and retaining a workforce that not only reflects utmost productivity, but also dedicates itself toward ensuring customer satisfaction. Over the years Kronos has displayed its proven expertise in building a business practice where the customer comes first, to better serve the workforce management industry. Kronos supports its clients by connecting them with their expert panel, besides presenting customers with a wide array of tools and programs. Aron states, “We would not be the $1.1 billion leader that we are today without the innovative, intelligent, and compassionate Kronites who take care of each other and our customers.”

The firm’s value proposition can be illustrated from the fact that it has bagged several accolades from around the globe for developing innovative solutions that help their clients in hiring, developing, and managing a best-fit workforce. This can be directly attributed to the leadership team of Kronos, which believes in treating customers and employees alike, with respect. Kronos’ expertise in the workforce management landscape is evident from how the firm engages its employees to build truly innovative products and services. The success realized is a testament to the dedication of the Kronos team. “Kronos is a family, and our home is built on a foundation of trust and transparency, which has been key to our continued success,” concludes Aron.