Planday: Planday Revolutionizes Workforce Management for Shift-based Businesses

Christian Broendum, CEO, plandayChristian Broendum, CEO
An increasing number of organizations are employing digital technologies, making a huge transition from using traditional methodologies such as pen and paper, spreadsheets and calculators to handle their workforce management tasks to modern day Software-as-a-Service tools and smartphone apps.

The change is enabling organizations to automate a great portion of critical labor activities in a systematic manner and thereby making time for informative strategic initiatives. This is especially important for shift-based businesses, relying on hourly-paid employees. Planning the schedule, taking care of HR while communicating daily updates to the team put a lot of pressure on the manager, keeping him from handling other operational tasks.

However, with the most advanced forms of solutions, encompassing various procedures in one system has become a challenge.Surmounting this impediment is Planday, a company providing an all-in-one workforce management system that makes employee scheduling, payroll and team communication fast, online and mobile.

“Planday aims to connect shift-based businesses and hourly paid workers when, how, and where it’s needed,” states CEO, Christian Broendum.
Planday started in Scandinavia where there are a large number of rules such as holiday pay, union rules and sick-pay rules. Over the last 10 years, the solution has had to be made extremely flexible to manage these ever-changing conditions quickly and easily. As a result, the system has become very powerful and lends itself easily to most markets, with the UK, Germany and US all having their own rules that Planday has easily catered for.
Additionally, Planday is designed to integrate with other systems such as electronic point of sale (EPOS) and employee payroll. “This integration not only makes the business run smoothly, but also enables the reporting and analysis of key business data,” adds Broendum.

Planday aims to connect shift-based businesses and hourly paid workers when, how, and where it’s needed

With thousands of customers in over 15 countries, the company has identified three key benefits of the system; on average, customers reduce the time they spend on admin by 75 percent. They also reduce wage costs by about 5 percent by only paying people for the worked and scheduled hours. Finally, they report on increased engagement from their employees. This is key in reducing employee turnover and the time and cost spent recruiting to replace employees that leave.

Meeting a Growing Demand for Mobile Tools
Mobile is a huge trend–smartphone penetration is approaching 80 percent in the US - and combined with social media and chat networks, it has fundamentally changed the way that people communicate with one another. Planday harnesses this social trend and makes it fit for purpose in the workplace, with the Planday app becoming a hugely important communication channel between the organization and the worker. Not only do workers use it to bid for shifts, book time off and clock in and out, they also use it to see their payslip, keep in touch with their colleagues and stay informed of important company announcements.

Planday Going Forward
The company will continue to develop the Planday solution to make life as easy as possible for both the business owners and the hourly-paid workers they employ. For the businesses, tighter integration to their other systems will be important, and for the workers, juggling the rest of their life is important too. Ultimately, the company will build out the platform with these things in mind.