PRO Unlimited Unveils Two Key Innovations to Its Platform

Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, PRO UnlimitedKevin Akeroyd, CEO
Contingent labor, the flexible workforce that is providing enhanced flexibility to companies around the world, is becoming an even more crucial part of organizational strategies. This is particularly true in the pandemic age of decentralized workplaces, where an estimated 50% of white-collar workers are contingent. PRO Unlimited offers a comprehensive and integrated platform for managing this workforce.

We started off 2021 with two key announcements that will enhance the ability to enlist and deploy a contingent workforce. The first is the introduction of RatePoint, a software as a service (SaaS) application that provides employers with on-demand rate and hiring intelligence for professional positions.

Historically, a lack of market-rate intelligence has prevented organizations from fully optimizing hiring decisions. That results in significant unnecessary spending when companies pay higher market rates for roles and/or locations. PRO’s RatePoint platform helps reduce these costs by offering instant access to the world’s largest market-rate data repository.

By using PRO’s advanced technology, companies can optimize their contingent workforce sourcing and services across markets and job descriptions, all using a vendor-neutral approach. By driving a deeper understanding of market rates and trends, RatePoint can help reveal new opportunities to drive cost savings, increase diversity and expand an organization’s pool for niche skills.

Furthermore, as part of a holistic technological ecosystem, RatePointhelps companies realize their broader human capital strategy objectives.
Key benefits and capabilities of RatePoint include:

● Easily and accurately price and optimize contingent labor globally
● Understand how labor costs vary in different global markets, leveraging the world’s largest market-rate repository and dataset
● See how rates are impacted by different skills, locations, rate/engagement types, job levels, and more
● Quickly perform real-time, side-by-side data comparisons
● Enable optimization across all job descriptions, as well as all services outsourcing

Along with the introduction of RatePoint, PRO Unlimited also acquired PeopleTicker, a global leader in compensation data specializing in contingent labor rates and hiring intelligence. The acquisition of this high-value market data will enhance the ability of HR, talent acquisition, procurement, and compensation professionals to access insights and market-rate information to attract and retain talent while reducing costs.

PeopleTicker’s data science and market-rate intelligence uses machine learning and industry-expert crowdsourcing to assemble the most comprehensive, accurate, current global market rate data in the industry. Extensive expertise with salary and contingent labor categories, along with hands-on experience of global labor markets, has made PeopleTicker a trusted partner to many leading brands across 160 countries.

This acquisition strengthens PRO Unlimited’s comprehensive data, software, and services platform. It is now exclusively available through the Wand VMS and RatePoint SaaS solutions, as well as a suite of DaaS solutions.

Together, the deployment of RatePoint and the acquisition of PeopleTicker further differentiates PRO’s platform in the marketplace, as no one else in the industry has this combination of solutions for the modern, global enterprise.

This year presents crucial challenges for businesses slowly recovering from the worldwide pandemic. By leveraging a contingent workforce, companies can speed that recovery.