ComplyRight: Eliminating Compliance Burdens with HRdirect Smart Apps

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Susan Drenning, President, ComplyRightSusan Drenning, President
Today, employee engagement serves as the strategic imperative for organizations that want to be successful and retain talented personnel. While small businesses intend to keep their focus on growing their business, they instead are met with growing employer obligations to meet compliance requirements. Constant amendments in regulations often undermine their productivity, much less aspirations for launching strategic employee retention programs.

To put this into perspective, there are over 22,000 federal, state and local agencies issuing new regulations every year. Despite this, an August 2018 Trend Survey conducted by ComplyRight reveals that nearly 80 percent of small businesses do not have HR experts on staff to help them monitor for such updates, much less implement and comply with them correctly. Turning to technology may seem the ideal solution to managing their compliance activities, but far too many HR software systems are complex, comprehensive solutions designed for larger businesses. With the advent of HRdirect Smart Apps, ComplyRight offers relief to the growing compliance burden on small businesses. By combining HR expertise with easy-to-adopt technology, HRdirect Smart Apps complement the daily efforts of small businesses simply and affordably.

HRdirect Smart Apps provide a platform for managing all facets of HR activities including hiring, record keeping, performance management, and training along with managing employee attendance and policies. Here, companies can start with the free Employee Records Smart App and subsequently add other apps according to their business needs. With the Employee Records Smart App, employers can store all their documents and personnel information in a centralized location.
“Our in-house attorneys, legal researchers, and HR experts commence development after comprehending all the regulations applicable to small businesses,” states Susan Drenning, President of ComplyRight. “Subsequently, they collaborate with the digital product engineers on prototyping ideas that can aid small businesses to oversee employee engagement and seamlessly manage regulations,” explains Drenning.

Next, with the Company Policies Smart App, employers can create, manage and share company policies in minutes. “The most difficult part about creating an employee handbook is knowing which policies you must include and should include. That is why our in-house attorneys, legal researchers, and HR experts have created a library of federal and state-specific policies to get small businesses started quickly and easily,” continues Drenning. Additionally, the apps also assist HR teams in eliminating tedious paperwork and duplication of data by giving a digital touchpoint for managing and completing record keeping tasks.

In a bid to reduce the compliance burdens on companies, the Poster Guard 1 Smart App equips small business owners with the mandatory labor law postings they need to stay in posting compliance.“The Poster Guard 1 Smart App is inspired by Poster Guard Compliance Protection, the premier posting compliance service from our ComplyRight family of brands,” notes Drenning. Developed to meet the compliance needs of small businesses, the Poster Guard 1 Smart App plays a quintessential role in helping businesses keep up-to-date with constantly changing posting requirements.

Further, Drenning cites that sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent issues in organizations. “Without proper prevention and response, harassment can hurt a company’s morale, lower productivity, and increase the risk of costly lawsuits,” adds Drenning. A March 2018 Trend Survey conducted by ComplyRight reports that less than 50 percent of companies conduct harassment prevention training. The proprietary Harassment Training Smart App enables employers to train personnel to react in alarming situations and take preventive measures to avoid such activities.

In the days ahead, the company plans to expand its time and attendance apps. “We are creating an affordable and accessible staff scheduling tool with the Schedule Publisher Smart App to help employers in creating and publishing work schedules in a few clicks,” concludes Drenning.