Elements Global Services: Steadfast HR Leadership

Rick Hammell, CEO, Elements Global ServicesRick Hammell, CEO As organizations become more bullish on globalization, they must increasingly navigate the choppy waters of a complex global economy and position themselves accordingly to attract and retain the resources to be successful in their expansion endeavors. The role of HR demands a change to keep up with expanding business operations as venturing into new foreign markets comes with its fair share of challenges wherein HR, payroll, and risk management move to the forefront. International expansion also brings along the daunting task of recruiting new employees to meet the customer needs. This is precisely the niche Elements Global Services excels in. The company assists clients to bridge international markets and to quickly expand, onboard, manage and pay employees worldwide, while ensuring that the business complies with local employment laws.

At the helm of offering these unique services is Rick Hammell, the CEO of Elements Global Services who has taken Elements Global Services to new heights by transforming the company into one of the leading International Payroll, Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employer Organization (PEO) providers in the world. With Hammell’s expertise and resources, the company is making the hiring and employment process as easy as possible, regardless of location and number of employees needed.

Hammell’s career trajectory to being named CEO of Elements Global Services has an inspiring beginning. Hammell’s interest in Human Resource was not accidental; after witnessing a former employer at his high school job mistreating employees, Hammell wanted to find ways in which he could support his co-workers and started researching employment laws online.

When you have buy-in from your team, the company can grow with everyone in the company, unified and on the same track to accomplish the end goal

On seeing how the HR arena needed skilled and seasoned experts to understand employees, Hammell went on to apply for a position as a Front Desk Agent/ HR Assistant in college, then became an HR Generalist, and later was promoted to Regional HR Manager. Later, Hammell moved to a government contracts company with operations in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan, Qatar and US as their Director of HR, and soon after was promoted to Vice President of HR. “The journey has since lead me to Elements Global Services,” says Hammell.

Today, organizations looking for payroll support, human resources guidance and benefits management, or just seeking legal compliance support, approach Elements Global Services owing to their unique solutions and services. To streamline the complexity of running a multinational business, the company cuts through the red tape to help clients create a legal entity in every foreign country they are looking to expand in. “Organizations can outsource their HR functions such as employee benefits, workers compensation, payroll administration, and employment taxes to just one partner, and we can take care of everything for them,” adds Hammell. Whether an organization is looking to grow into one country or several countries, the company possesses the resources that companies require to successfully spread out geographically. “In certain cases, when an organization needs to hire an employee in Australia, our passionate team would work to get the job done for them, while at the same time we ensure we don’t outsource any operations to local entities,” says Hammell.
Employee-Centric Approach

“When you have buy-in from your hard working and passionate team, the company can grow with everyone, unified and on the same track to accomplish the end goal,” Hammell adds. With a bench strength presenting a melting pot of an amazing, globally diverse culture, the CEO emphasizes the importance of clear and open communication to ensure everyone is on the same page, which in turn motivates the team to take calculated risks to grow the organization.

The staff at Elements Global Services has been thoroughly inspired and influenced by Hammell’s passion for the company and his willingness to work alongside the employees, understanding their hardships and resolving their issues. This very attribute has given Hammell the respect among his employees and all of those with whom he has worked since the beginning of his career. He has evolved into not just as a CEO, but a leader who is willing to support all employees, from helping with a small task to taking the lead on a major requirement.

According to Hammell, his experience in Hospitality Operations (High-Level Customer Support Experience) to Global HR Management (practical experience for our target customers, understanding the pain points) to Business Development (understanding and developing the product) to CEO, has lead him to become what he is today. “I do not bring to the table my personal opinions or choices; I have a great leadership team that is instrumental in guiding the decisions and vision I am looking to achieve with Elements Global Services.”

Knowing that success does not come easily, Hammell advises budding entrepreneurs to have a goal as to where they would like to take the organization alongside having the passion for what they do, which can be intoxicating and inspiring in rallying their team for pay-in for the vision for the company. Innovation also plays a key role in Hammell’s secret to success as being able to identify ways in which the company can offer innovative products and services to support the changing market is important to stay in the competition.