Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc.: Smart Solutions for Effective Workforce Management

Najeeb A. Khan, President & CEO, Interlogic Outsourcing, IncNajeeb A. Khan, President & CEO
With applicant tracking and onboarding, performance and benefits management, and the evolving compliance requirements such as FMLA, COBRA, ACA becoming buzzwords, HR and payroll departments are facing increasing amounts of pressure. Stakeholders today yearn for a single data source to manage the entire workforce lifecycle. Najeeb A. Khan is a veteran in the payroll and accounting industry and the President and CEO of Interlogic Outsourcing®, Inc. (IOI). He creates a difference in this space by providing innovative Human Resources Management (HRM) systems and services with focus on bringing automation, compliance, and simplicity to the overall workforce management workflow. “IOI strives to be a comprehensive HRM solution provider and we are constantly seeking new ways to help customers manage their workforce,” says Khan.

As a major cloud-based payroll processing solution provider, IOI services customers nationwide through ten locations in the U.S. by delivering key solutions including IOIPay®, IOIHire®, and IOIHR–helping clients optimize time and cost.

This innovative HRM solutions company tackles the challenge of diverse data sources for employee lifecycle management through IOIHire, an applicant tracking and onboarding solution that allows companies to manage applicants, interviewing, and onboarding in a single integrated application. “With candidate-matching algorithms, interview scheduling assistance, and onboarding tools, IOIHire is a dynamic solution that allows companies to find the right talent from across diverse recruiting portals,” notes Khan.

Leveraging cloud and web technologies, IOI provides an intelligent cloud-based payroll service, IOIPay, enabling employees quick access to their pay statement and more. IOIPay’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) secure web portal allows employees to view and print their paystub data, earnings record, and archived W-2s.

Our enhanced Human Resources Information System will help our customers do away with many manual processes, which will help boost organizational efficiencies

Employees can also access company-specific documents in the forms library, update personal information, read internal communications posted by company administrators, while being able to connect to employee benefit provider websites. IOI also provides a mobile platform that brings pay statement data to the employee’s fingertips depicting detailed reporting on deductions and taxes, regular and overtime hours worked in each pay period, current balances for vacation and sick time, and gross pay and net pay totals for each paycheck.

In matching the growing demand for effective benefits management systems, IOI released IOIPay 2.0 which features advanced benefits management capability and increased simplicity in the form of a single sign-on dashboard. The modern, user-friendly interface of IOIPay 2.0 provides simplified navigation with real-time reporting and ACA reporting functionality, facilitating access to employees for many IOI products.

As a national provider of payroll and employer outsourcing services, IOI brings automation to the administrative tasks for managing payroll taxes as all state and locality-taxing requirements are inherently available in IOIPay. The cloud-based payroll system with round the clock access to relevant information reduces paper-based workflow and improves security of key data. With these capabilities, IOI clients and their employees can focus on business and individual growth thus, driving their overall productivity. Several businesses across many different verticals have greatly benefited by adopting IOI solutions. IOI client, Forest River’s Joe Greenlee, CFO, says, “The services IOI provides are tremendously beneficial to our company because they enable us to save time and money.”

This human capital management company also empowers companies with the ability to manage accurate attendance records for its employees by automating pay requirements and ensuring compliance with federal regulations. With innovation as its core differentiator, IOI continues to disrupt HRM arena.