Stilog: Driving Operational Excellence

The way enterprises manage their resources can make or break a project in any business environment. Majority of the organizations today leverage a mixed bag of conventional solutions to manage their workforce, allocate and schedule resources, and consolidate reports, which is too time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, they are unable to gain a concise overview of all the resources, comprehend what their resources are spending time on, and manage their workforce. Helping businesses to enhance their operational efficiency is Stilog, a French company that has been instrumental in offering a powerful resource and schedule management application, Visual Planning that enables businesses of all sizes to gain a visual representation of all their resources within a single platform.

Visual Planning provides a user-friendly dashboard that enables users to schedule employees, resources, and training all in one collaborative platform. Visual Planning is perfectly suited for all the sectors such as field services, construction, media and entertainment, oil and gas, and utilities, long or short-term projects, and provides a flexible and adaptive solution to manage human resources and assets. The ease of use, agility, mobility, and customization that Visual Planning presents set Stilog apart from the growing competition in the workforce management landscape.

As per Chloé Ronsin Le Mat, Head of International Development and COO of Stilog, “When it comes to employee management, keeping a track of all the employees, managing training and certification, and tracking leaves and vacations come across as a tough row to hoe.” Unlike other workforce management providers, “Stilog’s collaborative platform provides a clear-cut visibility into business operations, allowing users to easily assign tasks, manage resources, locations, and share schedules with a simple drag and drop feature.”

Through Visual Planning, operation managers can gain information on staff availability, their workloads, and unutilized resources, which helps them to optimally assign tasks and reduce overtime. Stilog’s ultimate goal is to free organizations from complicated spreadsheets and whiteboards. In order to meet the varied scheduling and resource management needs across all types of business environments, Visual Planning offers customization features that allow customers to personalize schedules and dashboard views.

Stilog’s collaborative platform provides a clear-cut visibility into business operations, it allowing users to easily assign tasks, resources, locations and share schedules with a simple drag and drop feature

Visual Planning also takes into account the growing customer demand for mobility and allows organizations to optimize, track, and monitor schedules, time sheets, expenses and task reports from anywhere at any time on any mobile device.

Today Stilog proudly serves more than 5,000 customers and a 100,000 plus user communities that greatly benefit from streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. To elaborate more on the value proposition of the company, Chloé cites a scenario where Stilog successfully assisted one of the renowned media companies in the U.S. in managing their studio and human resources. As the media company was leveraging conventional tools like Excel and spreadsheets, they were struggling to manage all the teams, oversee the security, and control many other aspects including traffic within the studios. Stilog understood their pain points and implemented Visual Planning that helped them to manage every aspect from HR to project management and training. As a result, they were able to reduce the number of errors, allocate resources toward more productive activities, and share information instantly with employees through mobile devices.

With the aim of taking the company to a new zenith, Stilog is planning to expand its footprint across countries in the Benelux Union, UK, and the U.S. The company is also looking forward to adding more in-depth capabilities such as fingerprint recognition and time tracking to their resourcing and scheduling application. In conclusion, Chloé says, “Our mission is to help businesses across sectors gain immediate productivity with a comprehensive and integrated solution.”