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Coleman Barney, President & CEO, swipeclockColeman Barney, President & CEO Labor is the largest expense for most employers. Even so, most businesses still capture time and attendance data manually—with employees estimating punch times, arriving a couple of minutes late, and leaving work a bit early. When these inaccuracies are coupled with the rate of human error during the time card preparation process, labor costs increase for employers. A small investment in Workforce Management (WFM), which includes time, attendance, and scheduling can result in significant return on investment (ROI) and other important benefits.

SwipeClock is a prominent player in this space. The company effectively addresses the issues caused by manual, paper-based processes by offering automated solutions for integrated employee time and attendance, advanced scheduling, and leave management. SwipeClock’s workforce management solutions empower employers with critical tools to lower labor costs, comply with regulatory mandates, and maximize profits.

Today, SwipeClock offers its integrated cloud-based workforce management solutions to approximately 24,000 businesses solely through its more than 750 channel partners across the United States. “This represents almost one million employees who use our products every day,” says Coleman Barney, President and CEO, SwipeClock.


At its core, TimeWorksPlus is a highly customizable timekeeping solution that enables employers to track employee hours, electronically approve timecards, view real-time data, and create reports. TimeWorksPlus saves administrator time, reduces clerical errors, and provides accurate timekeeping records that are required by the Department of Labor. The solution also quickly and easily integrates with most of the leading payroll systems. “It is critically important for employers to track the actual time employees spend on their jobs during each payroll cycle,” explains Barney.

SwipeClock offers multiple options for an employee to punch in and out by using biometric clocks, a WebClock from any web-enabled device, or SwipeClock’s robust mobile application—TimeWorks Mobile. Barney says SwipeClock’s goal is to offer powerful solutions that are both simple and affordable for small, midsize, and growing companies to use as integral solutions for their businesses.

The simplicity of TimeWorksPlus makes it easy for customers to implement allowing managers to easily create, edit, and update new employee records in the system. The solution also enables employees to review and approve any timecard changes made by their managers. Managers receive daily email notifications that summarize missed punches, overtime, and other actionable information. This minimizes time spent on daily administrative tasks. TimeWorksPlus also offers a set of 20 standard reports that allow customers to stay compliant with local, federal, and national labor department rules and regulations.

TimeWorks Mobile

For employers with mobile workforces or that have employees who work off-site, SwipeClock offers a robust mobile app called TimeWorks Mobile. Employees can punch in and out, submit time-off requests, view their past and present time cards, and more, right from their mobile devices. In addition, the PinPoint GPS capability enables employers to verify the actual physical location of where punches took place. “It is like managing the workforce from the palm of your hand,” explains Barney.

According to Barney, while TimeWorksPlus portrays what the employee actually worked, TimeSimplicity enables employers to easily manage and schedule employee hours and forecasting based on their business needs. TimeSimplicity offers complete integration with TimeWorksPlus and other major ‘time and attendance’ systems in the market. The result is greater control of labor costs and predictability managing future costs.


TimeSimplicity, SwipeClock’s advanced scheduling solution, helps to eliminate overtime, and enables employers to control and reduce their labor costs. By combining advanced scheduling information with time and attendance data from TimeWorksPlus, the integrated solutions proactively provide information to managers so they can eliminate overstaffing and reduce overtime.

Recently, a grocery store chain with over 88 outlets and 4000 employees used TimeSimplicity to reduce the overall cost of scheduling their employees nearly 70 percent by effectively communicating with employees and gaining insights to make more informed business decisions.

TimeSimplicity keeps track of the skill-sets and certifications of an
employer’s workforce, ensuring that the right people are on the job. Significant overtime expenses can result from scheduling overqualified labor and having people work longer shifts than required.

To prevent this, managers can include key proficiencies and the job requirements that are needed to ensure employees with the right skill-sets are scheduled for specific work periods.

In the case of a last-minute call out for a particular shift, TimeSimplicity’s Email and Text Collaboration feature allows managers to easily view the entire workforce and enables two-way communication with the next group of available employees to ascertain the best-fit employees to quickly close gaps in coverage. TimeSimplicity also enables employees to select availability preferences on their schedule and notifies them of any changes made to their schedule.

We have created a catalog of more than 100 industryspecific Add-ons that can be inserted into SwipeClock’s products, allowing for quick, easy, yet powerful customization

TimeSimplicity also offers an innovative employee self-service portal, where workers can track his or her schedules and access the product’s Trade Board feature to initiate changes online. Managers can then quickly monitor, view, and approve the shift change requests.

Differentiated Product Capabilities

A standout feature of SwipeClock’s workforce management solutions is the ability to import data from other payroll and HR systems. This allows time, attendance, and scheduling records to reflect the changes captured in other HR systems, for example, when an employee is added, on leave, or is terminated.

SwipeClock’s solutions also work the way their customers want by making customization easy. A catalog of more than 100 industry-specific Add-ons can easily be inserted into TimeWorksPlus, allowing customers to customize the application to suit their needs. Certain Add-ons, for example, enhance regular overtime capabilities and allow employers to fine-tune specific functionality as well as generate customized reports.

Importance of Channel Partners

Unlike many other solution providers, SwipeClock offers its workforce management products and services through a successfully established and ever-growing channel of more than 750 partners across the United States. This means SwipeClock’s success is measured by its partners’ success. “Simply stated, when our partners win, we win,” said Barney.

SwipeClock’s white-label branding allows partners to be the main focus while SwipeClock provides all of the sales, marketing, and service support and materials they need to succeed. With white-label branding, SwipeClock’s products and online WebClock are branded with partners’ logos.

In addition to product branding, all partners are assigned a Channel Development Manager (CDM) to help them grow their businesses. This includes hands-on sales personnel training via webinars, one-on-one product training, access to the SwipeClock Online Learning Resource (SOLR), and whatever else is needed to give partners’ sales, implementation, and operation personnel the training they need when they need it.

For all system related or clock troubleshooting inquiries, SwipeClock has a team of experts ready to assist its partners. The company’s Technical Support team is also available at no charge. And importantly, partners receive wholesale pricing for all SwipeClock products so that they are able to make an immediate profit.

Expanding Horizons

While nearly 60 percent of organizations have automated timekeeping, integration with payroll, scheduling, and leave management is the true driver of business performance. In addition, payroll services are becoming more of a commodity, creating an opportunity for SwipeClock’s partners to offer more comprehensive workforce offerings in order to thrive and grow.

In this environment, SwipeClock is changing the way labor is managed by seamlessly integrating TimeWorksPlus for time and attendance, with TimeSimplicity for advanced scheduling. Together, the solutions deliver a complete workforce management solution that helps customers easily and effectively manage labor with notifications, alerts, and reports—all with a common interface across desktop and mobile platforms.

“In a market where digital technologies are causing significant disruption, it’s important to continually innovate and deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of our partners and their clients,” concludes Barney. “We are delivering on our vision to empower our partners to sell integrated workforce management solutions as a competitive differentiator by changing the way their customers manage labor.”
- Lisa White
    November 24, 2015