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Top 10 Workforce Management Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

Changing work dynamics in the emerging industry have drastically transformed the way the workforce is managed across sectors. Traditionally, workforce management (WFM) has remained a staff function and the exclusive responsibility of the human resources (HR) department, but lately, it has evolved into a necessary business strategy. This has led to the association of the HR function to the organization’s strategic goals. Having said that, it is time now to take a look at what 2020 brings in for the WFM space.

Today, HR is pivoting in an employee-centric direction, delivering superior experiences that add value to a company’s most precious asset—its people. Employee engagement that was deemed as an interesting concept at the beginning of the last decade is now an obvious business goal. Organizations are investing extensively in employee engagement as they move toward people-first culture. High engagement levels imply reduction in voluntary turnover, fewer sick days, lower absenteeism, and ultimately, higher productivity.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation is helping HR platforms become increasingly efficient by simplifying and speeding up the clerical HR tasks like benefit and payroll administration, recruitment, onboarding, and performance reviews. This enables HR personnel to focus more on strategic WFM activities. Besides, with an increasingly mobile work environment, employees want maximum convenience and minimal protocols around scheduling. To that end, employers are implementing more communication and audiovisual tools such as live chat, cloud-based meeting software, and video calls to enable the employees to work from remote locations.

Following the newest trends, a variety of organizations are now seeking best-of-breed WFM solutions and services to decode HR challenges and streamline talent acquisition and retention processes. To help companies strengthen their WFM capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 WFM solution providers and service companies. The enlisted organizations are transforming the HR operations and processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, this edition also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you HR Tech Outlooks’ “Top 10 Workforce Management Consulting/Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Workforce Management Consulting/Service Companies

  • ENSPIRA is a boutique HR consulting company fueled by hundreds of years of global, collective, cross-industry experience. The firm has established itself as the key provider of workforce management solutions. Its workforce management solutions include Performance Management, Talent Strategy & Planning, Employee Engagement & Retention, Manager Capability & Effectiveness, Diversity & Inclusion, and HR Function Optimization. Firms can rely on ENSPIRA’s end-to-end, hands-on support and counsel. The firm focuses on building customized, fit-for-purpose HR solutions, monitors progress against objectives, and also assists with implementation, including providing training, communications and change management support.

  • Corban OneSource

    Corban OneSource

    Corban OneSource is one of the leading HR workforce management service providers. Whether a firm requires a single HR function or there is a requirement to outsource an entire department, Corban OneSource’s support team can help to keep the firm lean, on track, and in compliance. As a workforce management service provider, the company’s goal is to continually provide value and results to companies looking for a reliable, hands-on approach to HR, payroll, and benefits administration outsourcing. Corban OneSource is dedicated to identify specific challenges and offer a plan that is most relevant to an HR team

  • EVCO Insurance

    EVCO Insurance

    EVCO Insurance Services, founded in 2005, is committed to helping business leaders communicate benefits to their employees effectively and efficiently while offering dedicated customer service and ongoing broker expertise. EVCO works tirelessly to find and offer the best workforce management services for businesses. By offered best-in-class technologies, EVCO can provide real solutions to streamline daily employee management. The company is proud to have shopped, identified, and selected benefit technologies that work as well for itself, as for its client companies. This service provider is combining the expertise of its brokers with cutting-edge technology to provide industry-leading workforce management services

  • Findley


    Highly competitive business practices across all industries are driving organizations to review their approach to workforce management. Findley helps organizations succeed through a thriving workforce. The company delivers expertise, experience, and innovative solutions to make the complex world of retirement, benefits, human capital, and M&A simpler for its clients. Findley assists clients in determining an organization’s future optimal workforce management process. For 50 years, the company partnered with clients to align people and benefits strategies with business goals and help clients navigate today’s evolving business environment

  • First Contact HR

    First Contact HR

    First Contact HR is a pioneer in the human resources industry. It provides employers with timely and accurate information to reduce risk and make informed workforce management decisions. First Contact HR helps organizations save time, effort, and cost over their current hiring process while reducing employment risk exposure. Its workforce development and training services reinforce the goal of continuous improvement with an eye on the future state of the organization. First Contact HR aligns its workforce development effort with the strategic plan of the organization, so leaders and employees stay current on skills, competencies, and behaviors necessary for future success



    HR NOLA is a woman-owned, small business delivering a full suite of workforce management services. The company’s passionate and dedicated team of human resource practitioners focus on helping organizations with their HR needs so they can continue growing their business. Its customized, affordable services cover the full employee life cycle - from hire to retire. Partnering with HR NOLA gives business owners the ability to leave workforce management functions in capable hands while dedicating time and focus to overall business development and success

  • ITA Group

    ITA Group

    ITA Group is well-known for its expertise in workforce management. Through its services and solutions, the company creates and manages events, incentives, and recognition programs that help its clients inspire their workforce. From fostering emotional connections to pushing employees to achieve more, the services from the ITA group can do it all. The company specializes in many aspects of workforce management, including employee engagement and recognition, and employee events. A data-driven approach, comprised of research, assessment, and analysis, allows for effective performance forecasting and subsequently helps client companies align their workforces to achieve more

  • Mercer


    Mercer is a leading name in the workforce management domain that empowers organizations with its highly qualified consultants, and extensive expertise in formulating employee strategies. By focusing on a fact-based model of decision-making, Mercer assists its clients in developing and executing sophisticated employee management programs that boost satisfaction and productivity. The services from the company help elevate talent and leadership through well-planned reward strategies. Besides, employee communications and HR transformation also get a boost with Mercer’s effective technology and services. From optimizing workflow management to enhancing workforce culture, with Mercer, everything is convenient and streamlined

  • Seequelle


    Committed to human capital management, Seequelle offers highly specialized workforce management consulting services. As experts in workforce management, the company can empower organizations to optimize operations and add value to the business through employee performance analysis and identification of potential opportunities. The practical approach that Seequelle pursues enables client companies to make effective changes in workforce management and employee engagement. Subsequently, aligning technology, workforce, and business goals become highly feasible. Consultation in vendor selection is another area where Seequelle serves organizations

  • Triad HR

    Triad HR

    Founded in 2002, Triad HR is an expert in workforce management technology implementations. The company is comprised of experts in HR with experience in the field of technology, as well as consulting. The highly-skilled consultants that Triad HR has can help an organization through HR technology implementation by enabling strategic planning, vendor selection, project management, and business process support. Organizations often struggle with formulating strategies and selecting appropriate vendors. Triad HR’s team helps such organizations by recommending the best vendors. The company also supplies program and project managers to direct HR technology implementations of every scale