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Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Companies - 2018

The aspect of totality in forecasting, scheduling, staffing, and making appropriate adjustments in real-time are key elements of an effective workforce management. To cope up with the modern data-driven workforce, technology providers across the world impart a wide scale of offerings to the field of Human Resource Management. The ongoing economic uncertainties, demographic transformation of the workforce and most importantly the acute skill shortage among the millennials have compelled employers to emend traditional practices to the workforce management system. While automation provides hassle-free processes and supporting managers to manage the workplace in a controlled manner, global businesses are in the quest to identify the right solution to overcome the complexity of managing and developing, efficiently deploying and communicating with the workforce.

Fabricating an effective talent supply chain is the key for every employer who is looking to steer ahead in the competition of rat and mouse in order to maintain the curve of progress. In this edition of edition of HR Tech outlook, we present you the “Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers,” featuring the best solution and service providers offering tools and services in the WFM landscape. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts including HR tech Outlook Editorial Board reviewed the top companies in the WFM solution domain, and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

The companies presented in this edition have exhibited extensive business process knowledge along with in-depth, integrated and innovative strategies in the WFM space.

Therefore, we present you the “Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top 10 Workforce Management Solution Companies

  • Assisting small and mid-sized business in saving time, money, and reducing labor costs with effective, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective workforce management solutions

  • Delivering state-of-the-art applicant tracking, payroll and tax management, and time-clock management technology for small businesses

  • Provides customized payroll and human resource solutions to a broad array of mid-market sized companies

  • Offers a global platform of unique workforce insights that helps organizations identify and recruit diverse talent faster, improve employee engagement and reduce voluntary attrition

  • Provides practical and affordable solutions that enable employers to effectively and legally manage their workforce

  • Elements Global Services (EGS) help clients extend their footprint in international markets, quickly onboard, manage, and pay employees across the globe

  • Offers a unified solution to maximize HCM efficiency and improve bottom line

  • Offers next-generation solutions to managers for the efficient management of workforce

  • Stilog provides a powerful resource and schedule management application that enables the businesses of all sizes to gain a visual representation all the resources

  • Ximble offers a multi-pronged cloud-based workforce management tool that goes beyond employee time-tracking and scheduling